Keynote Lectures

Four internationally recognized experts in the fields of FRP and ACM and their applications in bridges and structures will deliver keynote lectures on key topics of the conference including innovative design, durability, strengthening and rehabilitation, structural health monitoring, and future directions. The distinguished keynote speakers come from varying backgrounds and therefore promise to be thought provoking.

Dr. Sami. Rizkalla is a Distinguished Professor of Civil and Construction Engineering and the Director of the Constructed Facilities Laboratory, North Carolina State University, Raleigh, USA. He is a Fellow of ACI, PCI, ASCE, IIFC, EIC and CSCE. He is also the Director of the NSF Center “Center of Integration of Composites into Infrastructure (CICI). His general field of interest is in design, construction, and performance of reinforced and prestressed concrete structures as well as the use of FRP Materials for Civil engineering Infrastructures. He has published over 400 technical papers.

Professor Rizkalla’s keynote lecture is on “Can FFP be Effective and Economical Material for Structural Applications?.

Dr. Nemkumar (Nemy) Banthia is a Professor, Distinguished University Scholar and Senior Canada Research Chair in Infrastructure Rehabilitation at the University of British Columbia, Canada. He is the CEO and Scientific Director of Canada India Research Center of Excellence (IC-IMPACTS). He is a Fellow of ACI, CSCE, ICI, RSC and FCSE. His general field of interest is in the performance of concrete infrastructure under various conditions of loading and environment. He developed numerous advanced ultra-high performance concrete materials with fibre reinforcement, and novel sensors for infrastructure health monitoring. He holds 5 patents, has published over 400 refereed papers and edited 20 volumes.


Professor Banthia’s keynote lecture is on “IC-IMPACTS: Canada Innovates with India in Water, Infrastructure and Health and Use of Advanced Composites”.

Mr. Crawford Dewar III is the Manager of Engineering at Guardian Bridge Rapid Construction Inc., Ontario, Canada. Since 1983, he has been directing the design & manufacturing composite materials including processes involving autoclave, vacuum infusion, pultrusion, filament winding for applications involving ballistic, implosion, explosion, semi-submersible, submersible, non-structural and structural applications. As of January 2015, Crawford has led the team of engineers to become the largest producer of Cross Laminated Timber for mass timber building applications.  Crawford has been recognized by the Canadian and US Patent offices as an inventor with two issued patents and four patent applications using advanced fiberglass composites in bridges and structures.


Mr. Dewar’s keynote lecture is on “Fiberglass Composite Bridges for Rapid Construction”.

Dr. Brahim Benmokrane is Professor of Civil Engineering and Tier-1 Canada Research Chair in Advanced Composite Materials for Civil Structures and NSERC Research Chair in Innovative FRP Reinforcement for Concrete Infrastructure, Department of Civil Engineering, University of Sherbrooke (Quebec, Canada). His research has significantly influenced the development of FRP-bar technology for concrete and its practical use in Canada, the US, Europe, and the world. In addition, his research has generated scientific contributions widely used by regulators and industry nationally and globally. He is a Fellow of ACI, RSC, CSCE, IIFC, CAE, and EIC. He has published over 400 technical papers.

Professor Benmokrane’s keynote lecture is on “Use of FRP Bars in Bridges and Buildings”.




Technical Programme

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Special Session

The Special Theme Sessions are intended to cover areas that are believed to be important but have so far received only limited attention. Each Special Theme Session will be chaired by its Session Organizer and led by Invited presentations by him/her providing a survey of that particular area. Details will follow very soon!.


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Guest/Companion Programme

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